Product Category: Steel Cutters

C405 Strap Cutter

Steel Strapping Tools are ideal for strapping heavy cartons and pallets quickly and safely.

The C405 is a medium duty strapping cutter for up to 1 1/4”(32mm) width strapping up to .035 (.89mm) gauge.

• Strap Type – HT
• Strap Size (in.) – 1 1/4”-.031
• Application – steel

CU-25 Signode Strap Cutter

The Signode CU-25 is used for up 2” x .050” steel banding. The cutter is reversible guillotine style. The handles on the CU25 are about 2 feet. The Signode CU-25 strap cutters are ergonomic, quick and easy to use cutters for Apex® and Magnus® steel strapping with the dimension of max. 50 x 1.65mm. The long handles enable sufficient force to be applied to cut even the heaviest gauge strapping. The CU-25 is also available with pneumatic pusher (CU-25 MPH) to simplify the strap insertion under tensioned straps or with a pneumatic cutter unit (CU-25 pneum.) for an effortless usage. Cutting straps incorrectly can cause injury so please take the required precautions.