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BXT3-16 Signode Battery Combination

Signode BXT3 (also known as the BXT3-16) Battery Powered Strapping Tool

The BXT3-16 strapping tool keeps up many of the features loved on the BXT2-16.  The new BXT3 has updated the display.  Now there is a beautiful screen that shows exactly what the tool is doing, and can do.  It is easier to adjust tension, and weld, and flip from manual mode to automatic. The display shows tension in real time.  The display ticks up as the tool is pulling the banding tight.  In auto mode, the tool kicks into weld/cut once tension is reached.

The battery and charger remain Bosch, but now the battery is a slim pack.  It uses the same charger.  The feel and balance is similar to the original tool, which is best in class.

Tension is 90-560 pounds!  The Signode BXT3-16 has optional charger and 2.0 Amp Hour 18 volt lithium battery.  Run it on either 1/2“ or 5/8” x .019-.040” polyester or polypro strapping.  The BXT3 is only 8.4 pounds.

For 3/8” use the BXT3-13

For 5/8” or 3/4” use the BXT3-19 or P329

For 1” or 1 1/4” use the P331


This Signode BXT3-16 tool is of the easiest to use on the market.  The weakest two parts on the BXT2 were upgraded.  The blocking pawls (responsible for swinging the arm away from the feedwheel) was replaced by a spring.  The second trouble spot for the BXT2 was things getting caught in the welding belt.  The BXT3 now has a cover to keep big things out, and a blow out hole to get rid of the small things.  The BXT3-16 is also much easier to work on for maintenance.  With these improvements, the Signode BXT3-16 is now tied as our top recommended tool (P328 is the other top tool)!

BXT3-16 review update 4-2020:  This Signode tool now relies on a Bosch battery that you can no longer get at Home Depot or Amazon.  The BXT3-16 has a protective cover that hugs the battery.  The cover was nice to make the battery hard to bang up, but now you can not use the current 6, 6.3, or 8 amp batteries, making the BXT3-16 battery expensive and outdated.

P331 Fromm Battery Combination Tool

Strapping qualities: Polyester (PET) plain and embossed
Strapping dimensions:
Widths = 19.0 – 32.0 mm / 3/4 – 1 1/4“
Thicknesses = 0.60 – 1.53 mm / .024 – .060“
Weight incl. battery: 5.7 kg / 14.1 lbs. (including battery)
Tool sizes with battery: L396 x W166 x H175 mm / 15.6“ x 6.5“ x 6.9“
Average seal strength: up to 75% (dependent on strap quality)
Strap tension: 1200 – 7000 N / 270 – 1575 lbs (adjustable)
Tensioning speed: 39 – 63 mm/s / 1.5 – 2.5 inch/s
Power supply: 36VDC/4.0Ah Li-Ion

Exceptionally high tension force 7,000N / 1,575 lbs.
Brushless motor for less maintenance
Tool in automatic version available for more efficient operation
Well balanced for all strapping positions
Quick battery exchange
Latest Li-Ion battery technology with up to 370 strap cycles per charge
Tool welds without tension (strap repair)
Tension force and sealing time adjustable

Lithium-Ion Battery:
No memory effect
Maximum possible power with low weight
Environmental friendly
Operates well in low and high temperature environment
High performance till end of charge
Battery cell management and protection included